A Digital Currency That Empowers Doctors to Fix Healthcare

Healthcare is Broken.

Administrators outnumber doctors 10:1

Healthcare costs are out of control

Less than 50% of many doctor’s time is spent caring for patients

Patients are unhappy

The key to fixing healthcare is Doctors.

Medicine as a profession has been destroyed by decades of well-intentioned but ill-informed intervention from politicians and regulators. The result is a healthcare system that is broken.

Influence Healthcare

Influence Healthcare is a services company whose mission is to build an alternative healthcare system that pays doctors more for managing more of a care episode. 

The core thesis of Influence Healthcare is that doctors are best positioned to optimize delivery of the highest quality care at the lowest possible price. Influence Healthcare backs this thesis by paying doctors more to manage more of a care episode.


What is Osler?

Osler is a new digital currency that is used to pay for healthcare services within the Influence Healthcare network.

Why a digital currency?

The most powerful dynamic of a digital currency is its ability to empower the value drivers of an industry to enable change. This is what software engineers did with Bitcoin (BTC) and this is what doctors can do with Osler.


Nothing happens without doctors taking action.
Register for Influence Healthcare today and start referring your friends and colleagues to earn Osler and launch a revolution.