Influence Healthcare

Influence Healthcare is a services company whose mission is to build an alternative healthcare system that pays doctors more for managing more of a care episode. 

The core thesis of Influence Healthcare is that doctors are best positioned to optimize delivery of the highest quality care at the lowest possible price. Influence Healthcare backs this thesis by paying doctors more to manage more of a care episode.

But this introduces two big questions…

  • How is it possible to pay doctors more when healthcare costs are already out of control?
  • How can doctors manage more of a care episode when they already have no time?

The key to overcoming both challenges lies in eliminating excessive administrative burdens. This is the #1 pain point for doctors and the main factor eroding the doctor patient relationship.

Influence Healthcare leverages new payment modalities and new technologies to overcome these problems.

  • Bundled case rates that accurately define a care episode simplify the documentation and coding process.
  • Digital health tools such as communication and telemedicine platforms, along with extended care teams, support doctors in efficiently managing more of a care episode.
  • A blockchain based EHR with smart contracts, in combination with a digital currency, minimizes fraud and automates the entire revenue cycle management process. 

The end result is physicians have more time to care for patients which improves quality and lowers cost. Lower costs support increased pay for physicians.