Nothing happens without doctors taking action.

Register for Influence Healthcare today and start referring your friends and colleagues to earn Osler and launch a revolution.

Upon registering, you will receive a unique referral link. The link can be passed on to other doctors and the following entities to earn Osler: 

  • Medical societies
  • Residency programs
  • Medical schools
  • Nursing associations
  • Hospitals & ASC’s
  • Self-insured employers
  • Medicare Advantage programs

As part of the registration process, each physician will enter into a consulting agreement with Influence Healthcare that pays $750 for each physician referral. Payment will be earned in dollars and exchanged into Osler based on the current exchange rate for Osler. The Osler exchange rate will start at 1 Osler being equivalent to $0.00076392. This is the same as the initial exchange rate between BTC and the U.S. Dollar.

The exchange rate will increase as more physicians, medical societies, hospitals and other entities join the network. The first increase occurs once the first 25 physicians register. 

Once 30% of all Osler is allocated, the referral program will end. There will be additional opportunities to earn Osler. These opportunities include introducing protocols to improve care, helping to establish appropriate case rates, facilitating hospital contracts and the day-to-day process of caring for patients within the new healthcare system that frees up physician time and pays more for managing more of a care episode.

Osler Wallet

Upon registration, an account will be created to allocate Osler. All Osler earned through the referral program or other consulting activities will ultimately be held in a digital wallet. All Osler will be transferred to a digital wallet before Osler is listed on an exchange.

Osler earned by providers for delivering healthcare services within the Influence Healthcare system will be immediately interchangeable with the U.S. Dollar on a 1:1 basis by Influence Healthcare until Osler is freely trading on an exchange.

Once Osler is listed on an exchange, all Osler transactions will be completed through the user’s wallet. Owners will be protected from losing Osler if private keys are lost or security issues result in loss.